Fiddlehead Fern
Quince Fruit
Wild Gooseberry

Native Pickles

Pick Pickles:- Produced since 1998 in the Balh Valley of Himachal Pradesh, PICK pickles represents a tradition which dates back 400 years or more, when Indian cucumbers were first pickled in the Tigris Valley. Our traditional pickles are devised and prepared to provide a taste experience that will enhance the taste of any food or type of meal. We balance our ingredients with great care for a fresh and nutritive complement to your daily meals. Even the ancient Egyptians and Greeks have written about the use of pickles for their nutritive values and healing power. So much so, Cleopatra used them as a part of her beauty regimen;

Available varieties are Fiddlehead Fern, Quince Fruit, Wild Gooseberry, Ginger-Garlic, Mushroom, Apple and Elephant Foot Yam.

  • Pack Size:- 400/550g and 1000g