Mixed Fruit Jam
Mixed Fruit Jam

Fruit Jams

Fruit Jams:- Single or Mixed Fruit Jam. Fruit used is Mature, Fresh, Sound, Clean, Free from Fermentation and mould. Canned fruit, Preserved Pulp or Juice has been used. Pectin derived from fruit has been added. The other added substances are sugar, flavour, citric acid, permitted colors & preservatives, It has the flavour of original fruits and is free from burnt or other objectionable flavour, crystallization and Mould growth and shows no sign of fermentation. Our jams are rich in Carbohydrates & Instant Energy giving.

  • Flavours: - Mixed Fruit, Apple, Pineapple, Plum, Apricot & Strawberry.
  • Pack for Indian market: - Pack 1 x 12 x 500g (Glass Jars)
  • Pack for exports: - Pack 1 x 12 x 400g (Glass Jars), Pack 1 x 12 x 450g (Glass Jars)